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Jadwal Acara Cinemax 3 Juni 2013

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Jadwal Acara Cinemax 3 Juni 2013 – Postingan kali ini dari MediaBlogseo.info akan membahas info terbaru tentang Jadwal Acara Cinemax 3 Juni 2013 semoga informasi tersebut bisa menambah pengetahuan sobat semua, para pembaca setia blog ini

00:55 Pet Sematary
A family moves into a new house in the countryside only to discover a mysterious cemetery in the woods with a terrifying demonic power.

02:35 The Lost Boys
Two brothers are in for a blood fest when they start to hang out with a bunch of vampires.

04:15 Lost Boys: The Tribe
A brother and sister move to a new town only to mix with the wrong blood-thirsty crowd.

05:45 Sudden Death
Terror goes into overdrive as Jean-Claude Van Damme races to stop extremists from bombing the Stanley Cup finals.

07:45 Into The Sun
Steven Seagal turns Japan upside down while battling the Yakuza.

09:30 Great Power: Stan Lee Story
A feature length documentary on the life and creations of Stan Lee.

11:00 Batman: Under The Red Hood
In this stunning animation, a figure from the Dark Knight’s past unexpectedly returns, forcing him to revisit the most tragic event of his crime-fighting career.

12:30 Cops And Robbersons
An average suburban family opens their house to a no-nonsense cop trying to nail their mobster neighbor, resulting in much uproarious fun and hilarity.

14:15 Hollywood On Set
Each week, Hollywood On Set goes behind-the-scenes on three major motion pictures in production, featuring action footage and interviews with actors and filmmakers.

15:00 Tarzan And The Valley Of Gold
Tarzan joins the chief of police and a professor to find a kidnapped boy whose guardian had been killed by gangsters.

16:30 Justice League: Doom
Supervillains have discovered the weakness of each Justice League member and are now out to use it against them!

17:45 Days Of Thunder
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star in this drama about a race car driver who must deal with life on and off the track after a serious injury.

19:35 Disturbing Behavior
A new kid at school discovers a terrible secret behind the model students at the ‘The Blue Ribbon’ club. Stars James Marsden and Katie Holmes.

21:00 Exit Wounds
It’s rapid-fire fists and guns for Steven Seagal as he goes up against a band of corrupt cops on the take.

22:40 American History X
A former neo-Nazi skinhead whose life was almost destroyed by his own hatred now struggles to prevent his younger brother from following in his footsteps.

Terima kasih sudah sudi mampir dan membaca sedikit ilmu dari www.mediablogseo.info semoga kalian senang dengan apa yang sudah saya berikan kepada anda semua.

Sumber artikel : http://kaleefaanfield.blogspot.com/2013/06/jadwal-acara-cinemax-3-juni-2013.html

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